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Completely wrong, plastic surgery is often dismissed as the peak body of the cult. It is this medical and surgical discipline, which has no less claim to respectability than other medical areas to much more than a matter of tense cup sizes to get tight faces and astral body to the people. Yet there is still a prejudice that many plastic surgery in the first place, old ladies to enable a face lift.
Facial injuries not necessarily have to cause significant harm

These and similar sayings are quickly told that if one is with himself and his body at peace. But who is the subject with due seriousness and openness is concerned, must also give space to the fact that there are people with certain physical deficits are simply unhappy. And these deficits are not always self-inflicted. Hanging breasts or asymmetric calves are just two examples of physical conditions that are neither sport can still be removed by a regulated lifestyle. The plastic surgery makes it possible at this point, which would otherwise be impossible: You can make corrections. Thus, a crooked nose or different shaped breasts to a defect that can be solved suddenly. Otherwise, if these physical conditions destiny. Now, if someone is really unhappy with his body and plastic surgery can help in a way in which it would be impossible by other means – or impossible – why should we begrudge this? A breast reduction or correction of irregularities can relieve patients of physical discomfort, which otherwise (more or less) would always be present. Finally, all people want to look beautiful – especially in their own eyes! ( Lidstraffung and Brustvergrößerung)

Another point to be embezzled out of sheer prejudice towards plastic surgery is like, is that benefit victims of accidents from her. Often occurring fateful accident banal situations (such as driving a car or inline skating). In these accidents on the body and disfigurement left clear traces. At this point, the plastic surgery often provides the only way to remove these distortions largely (in the context of the relevant options). If then for example face a recovery is necessary, then take the matter into the pros right hand. Not infrequently, these are the same people whose work is otherwise slighted if they abkanzelt rash with prejudice. This reputable plastic surgeons have only one goal: They want to help people to enable them to feel comfortable in their skin again. Unfortunately, there are always so-called “plastic surgeons” who bring the entire profession of plastic surgery into disrepute. In this context it is important to know that the term “plastic surgeon” is not a qualification, not even envisaged. Each surgeon must be called so, because the term “plastic surgeon” is not protected. Of the “plastic surgeon” does.

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